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Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Celebrated Their 4th Annual LA MUSA AWARDS Show With A Star-Studded Line Up

By October 17, 2016Articles, Press Releases

Miami, FL – During the 4th annual gala of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, LA MUSA AWARDS (on Thursday, October 13th 2016) at The Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theater, some of the most relevant songwriters of Latin music were honored by artists, composers and other distinguished music industry professionals (including a special induction presentation of Draco Rosa by Lenny Kravitz). Photo credit: ©2016 Manny Hernandez /

The full list:

Desmond Child
Rudy Perez

Javier Romero

Maestro Eduardo Marturet – Miami Symphony Orchestra

Richard Jay-Alexander

Adolfo Angel & Gustavo Angel (Los Temerarios)
Alejandro Jaen
Cheo Zorilla
Claudia Brant – performed in a star studded medley some of her hits
Draco Rosa – performed a new composition he wrote for this event called “Its Our Time”
Miguel Luna – performed touching song with his daughter Milagros Luna

Beny Moré
Juan Gabriel
Mariano Mores
Myrta Silva
Tito Puente

Angelo Medina – Premio Pionero Desi Arnaz
Emily Estefan –WorldArts Discovery of the Year Award
Jorge Mejia – Premio Editores Ralph S. Peer, performed a classical piece on piano
Julieta Venegas – Premio La Musa Elena Casals, performed her hit “Me Voy”
Larry Harlow – Premio Legado, performed “La Cartera”
Linda Moran – Premio Fundadores
YoTuel – Premio Conquistador
“Oye Como Va” – Cancion De Todos Los Tiempos

Adriana Cantano – presented to inductee Alejandro Jaen
Afo Verde – presented to honoree Yotuel
Alexandra Lioutikoff – presented to inductee Claudia Brant
Athina Marturet – presented to honoree Julieta Venegas
Augusto Balizano – Tango Dancer tribute performance to posthumous inductee Mariano Mores
Cachita Lopez – performed “Que Sabes Tu” tribute to posthumous inductee Myrta Silva
Danny Rivera – performed “Con Las Alas Rotas” tribute for inductee Cheo Zorilla
Desmond Child – presenter to honoree Linda Moran
Ely Mores – Tango Dancer tribute performance to posthumous inductee Mariano Mores
El Chacal – performed with honoree Yotuel
Emilio Estefan – performed “Oye Como Va” on bongos in finale tribute to Tito Puente
Ender Thomas – performed “Te Hice Mal” tribute for Los Temerarios
Gabriel Mores – performed “Tanguera / Uno” tribute to his Grandfather Mariano Mores
John Lofrumento – presented to honoree Linda Moran
Jon Secada – performed “Bonito Y Sabroso” tribute to posthumous inductee Beny Moré
Jorge Santana (Carlos Brother) – performed in finale on guitar cancion de todos los tiempos “Oye Como Va”
Julio Sabala – presented and performed for Aljeandro Jaen
Kany Garcia – performed in star studded tribute to Claudia Brant
La India – performed “Gracias A Dios” tribute to Juan Gabriel
Larry Underwood – WorldArts Chairman presented to Emily Estefan
Leila Cobo – presented to Los Temerarios
Lena Burke – performed tribute to Alejandro Jaen
Lenny Kravitz – presented to Draco Rosa
Leslie Grace – performed in star studded tribute to Claudia
Luis Fonsi – performed in star studded tribute to Claudia
Maestro Ernesto Abrego
Mario Domm – presented to Jorge Mejia
Marlow Rosado – presented and performed with Larry Harlow
Milagros Luna – performed with her father Inductee Miguel Luna
Orishas – peformed with honoree Yotuel
Pedro Martinez – performed with honoree Yotuel
Pitingo – performed “Se Me Olvido Otra Vez / “Amor Eterno” tribute to posthumous inductee Juan Gabriel
Ricky Martin – presented to Draco Rosa
Roldán Gonzalez – performed with honoree Yotuel
Rudy Perez – presented to honoree Linda Moran
Ruzzo Medina – peformed with Yotuel
Sam Moore – performed “You Are So Beautiful” tribute to Linda Moran
Tito Puente Jr. – performed “Oye Como Va” tribute to Father Tito Puente
Willy Miranda – presented to inductees Los Temerarios
XaXo, Dav & Johnny Vulca – performed with honoree Yotuel

About the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame
The Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by renowned songwriter/producers Desmond Child & Rudy Pérez in 2012 and modeled after the high standards set by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Our mission is to educate, preserve, honor and celebrate the lives and music of the world’s greatest Latin songwriters, composers and lyricists in every genre while developing and inspiring new generations of music creators through master classes, workshops, scholarships and digital initiatives.

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