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2016 Art - Marketing Materials

If you have questions about this art or require something specific, please contact Chick Ciccarelli at or call 818-971-9303.

Audio/Video Advertising

LSHOF 2016 Gala Spanish Commercial 30sec Audio


[download id=”5036″ template=”box”]

LSHOF 2016 Gala Spanish Commercial 30sec Video

Visit video in youtube for sharing code.

Online Advertising

[download id=”4694″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4701″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4712″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4705″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4703″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4858″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4753″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4756″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4759″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4761″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4763″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4765″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4775″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4777″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4779″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4781″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4783″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4785″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4787″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4793″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4800″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4840″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4842″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4736″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4869″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4873″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4874″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4875″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4876″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4877″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4889″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4890″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4898″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4896″ template=”box”]

[download id=”5081″ template=”box”]

Print Advertising

[download id=”5044″ template=”box”]

[download id=”5050″ template=”box”]

[download id=”5057″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4731″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4805″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4817″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4820″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4826″ template=”box”]

[download id=”4830″ template=”box”]